Welcome to the Condo Lawyer

 Personal Note from Rob Alwine

Twenty-three years ago, I became a Florida lawyer and an officer in the United States military.  Throughout my legal career, I’ve always had a strong sense of public service.

The sense of public service is the reason I focus on representing Florida condominium owners in my law practice.

There’s a great need for competent representation for condo owners, and not enough lawyers are doing it.  Individual condo owners often don’t have the same amount of money that Condo Associations have when hiring a lawyer.  Also, many law firms have cost structures that are too expensive for middle class (or even upper middle class) condominium owners.  Yet, these are the people who need legal representation the most.

When I surveyed the legal market, I saw that under-represented condominium owners often suffered abuse and injustice in the place they call home — where they raise their families, retire, and invest most of their money.

As an economics major at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1990s, I learned that where there’s a market need, there’s also a valuable opportunity to meet it. 

So, I got to work developing a law firm economic model that would allow me to serve individual Florida condo owners.

If you’re reading this website because you’re dealing with a serious problem with your condo association, property manager, or neighbors, I am sorry for the trouble you’re facing.  But I’m also happy that this website and all of my outreach efforts throughout Florida have successfully connected us.  

I hope that I may soon have the chance to help and serve another Florida condominium owner – and to bring a little more justice into the world “one case at a time.”