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At Robert Joseph Alwine, P.A., we represent Florida condo owners in disputes with condominium associations, property managers, and neighbors. Our mission is to improve the experience of condo ownership one case at a time.

Condo owners face unique challenges in disputes with their Associations. The Association often has more money and power, allowing it to hire property managers and lawyers paid for with your maintenance fees. In contrast, individual condo owners must find and pay for their own lawyers and seek their own guidance.

This unfairness can make it difficult for condo owners to protect themselves and seek justice when they suffer abuse, something goes wrong, or they disagree with the actions of the Board, Manager, or Association.

We try to level the playing field by removing some of the financial barriers that prevent condo owners from retaining a qualified lawyer. This includes innovative financial options like flat fees, limited scope representation, contingency fees, and hybrid fee models.

We bring 23 years of courtroom experience into every case, stay updated with the latest legal developments in Florida law, carefully manage the number of cases we handle each year, and refuse cases of questionable merit.

Meet Robert

Rob has a diverse legal background. He has represented clients large and small in federal court, state court, mediation, arbitration, and on appeal. He practiced criminal law in prosecuting and defending courts-martial all over the world. Since leaving active service with the Navy Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps in 2004, Rob based his law practice in South Florida. For over ten years, Verizon Wireless entrusted Rob with its consumer litigation throughout the State of Florida.

In addition to representing condominium unit owners and Associations, he has represented clients in business disputes, complex commercial lawsuits, class-action lawsuits, construction defect lawsuits, and federal securities lawsuits.

Rob now brings this diverse, 23-year litigation background to all facets of condominium unit owner representation.